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Natural Appearance

XproTurf artificial grass for sports reveals the features and characteristics of natural grass in both feeling and appearance. In a certain sense, it is better than natural grass because of its strong color fastness and high UV stability, which allows the surface to keep green under any weather condition for years to come. A wide range of colors and grass profiles are available to meet different demands and favors all across the world.

Creative Technology

IQSS encourages and promotes innovation and development of high-tech synthetic turf. Extruded with advanced polymer technology, the fibers are engineered to contribute to a soft and flexible surface which is skin friendly and prevents injuries like twisted ankles and knees. The whole turf system also keeps upgrading in order to give perfect sliding properties, superior recovery performance and long-lasting use. Advanced production equipment with strict control of technological process ensures the uniform and extraordinary quality.

Reinforced Playability

XproTurf sports turf surface keeps improving the performance of ball rolls and bounces so as to make it easier for sliding, kicking and sprinting. Its outstanding playing features are demonstrated by authoritative laboratories. It gives real foot-feelings and fantastic athletic experiences and can be applied to: Soccer, football, tennis, hockey, golf, baseball and other sports.


IQSS has set new standards in supplying comfortable landscaping grass which are softer, cooler and cleaner under foot. From pet running and children playing to family relaxing and social gathering.


Proven by a series of rigid tests, endure for a long period even under extreme weather conditions.


It is designed to give the closest appearance and feel to natural grass. The only thing makes it differ from real sod is that its color never fades with time.


Wide range of products and have a solution for every application, including garden, roof and balcony, playground park and recreational area, highway landscaping, airport landscaping, pet grass, and other area.


Provides you an ever-green lawn without watering or fertilizing, but also enables you to save valuable water resources for the future.


Without toxic chemicals required for maintenance of natural lawn, it helps to protect the health of your family and the well-bing of the environment.

Interlock - multi sports flooring is a one square foot modular flooring tile that connects in all directions to create a raised, dry, non slip, support base for game courts, displays special events and utility use.

Each multi sports flooring sits on over 900 ribbed support pillars for kinetic impact and shock absorption. These ribs help distribute weight and allow water and other liquids to flow underneath.

This feature makes interlock sports flooring ideal for outdoor and indoor games, locker rooms, pool areas and as well as over asphalt for displays.

Interlock flooring connect easily to adjacent tiles using interlock floring simple pressure tab and loop fastening system. Add edging and corner pieces as required to finish your floor. Colors may be alternated to create dramatic design and to match team colors and design themes.

Our WR Vinyl PVC flooring are mainly applied to various professional competition gymnasiums and stadiums such as badminton court, table tennis court, volleyball court, basketball court and other fields. In addition, WR Vinyl PVC flooring are also applied to fitness club, hospital, kindergarten, shopping mall, office and various gyms.

Shock Absorbtion

Absorbs impacts from jumps and protects the joints and muscles involved, making exercise a more comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Vertical Deformation

Excellent power return enables athletes to increase their on-court performance. Superior vertical stability eliminates area indentation.

Sliding Properties

Optimal slip coefficient offers natural grip avoiding falls and accidents, provides a safe playing surface.

UV Coating

UV coating provides excellent resistance to dirt build-up while providing a durable surface thats easy to maintain.

IQSS Services specializes in high quality barrier netting systems. We offer complete design services, materials and full installation for futsal, driving range, tennis court and stadium.

XPRO Netting is caising the standard in the barrier netting industry by utilizing only the finest materials and exceeding engineering requirements all at the lowest possible costs.

We can also provide permanent or temporary installation for all environmental protection and also other industrial and commercial applications.

Lastly, XPRO Netting allows for a much tighter installation for improved wind resistance, less damage, longer life expectancy and the best appearance.